How to Dye Your Hair Yellow With Kool Aid

Dying hair with Kool-Aid is a great way to get some wild and unusual hair colors without spending much money or using strong-smelling chemicals. While a quick application of Kool-Aid powder will give you temporary hair color, you can use the drink powder to give yourself a more long-term dye job using household products and items and a long soaking process. Once you've mastered the basics, try this technique with more than one color, or do a mix to customize your shade.

Open the Kool-Aid packets and mix the powder with about three tablespoons of conditioner. Adjust the amount of conditioner as needed (you should have enough to coat your hair), but don't use too much, or you will dilute the color. Be sure to mix thoroughly until the color is evenly distributed throughout the conditioner.

Add a few drops of vinegar to the conditioner paste. This will help enhance the color and how well it takes to your hair.

Wet your hair thoroughly.

Apply petroleum jelly to your hairline, neck and ears. A line of jelly smeared in these areas will keep the dye from coloring your skin as well as your hair.

Apply the conditioner paste to your hair. Wear your disposable gloves to avoid dyeing your hands, and work the paste into every inch of your hair. Spend several minutes massaging and spreading to make sure you don't leave any hair uncovered.

Cover your head and hair with a disposable shower cap and wait. This dye technique requires several hairs for effective coloring. Wait at least four hours before moving to Step 7, and wait longer if at all possible. Consider wearing this overnight, but use a spare pillowcase and sheets. The longer you wait, the deeper and longer-lasting your dye will be.

Remove the shower cap and rinse the conditioner color from your hair. Do not shower your full body while rinsing, as dye will color your skin as it rinses. Run water over your head until it runs clear.

Dry your hair. Use an old towel, as dye transfer will still be unavoidable at this point.

Guard against dye transfer during the first day with your newly colored hair. Don't shower your full body until you've washed the hair again, and don't wear light colored shirts if you have long hair. Place your old towel over your pillow at night.

Remove the dye, if desired. The dye will gradually fade over a course of days or weeks, but if you want to speed this process along, wash more frequently, shampoo repeatedly with hot water, and/or wash with toothpaste.