How to Dye Grey Hair at Home

the girl in a coat of color of autumn image by Yuriy Poznukhov from

Grey hair happens as we age because our hair follicles begin to produce less pigment, explains the Grey Hair Loss website. People can start to grey at any age. Eventually, the entire head will turn grey to some degree. The Star website claims that it is fashionable to sport a head of grey hair in 2010, but many choose to dye their hair to fight the aging process. If you want to cover it up, there are home kits available to avoid those expensive salon fees. Be sure to test your hair before you put the application on your entire head and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Clear an area in your bathroom or kitchen to work. Make sure to have an old towel and plastic gloves near by. The process can be messy. Surfaces such as shower curtains, walls and floors will stain if accidentally splattered. Be sure to wear old clothing.

Prepare your home dyeing kit. With permanent color, apply two weeks before or two weeks after any chemical processes because putting it in your hair too soon can chemically damage hair.

Pick a color. Dye colors that are neutral or natural will color grey hair better than the ones that are ash or gold. Make sure you use plastic gloves. The dye will penetrate the skin and the color will be difficult to wash off. Placing petroleum jelly around the hairline and the ears will ensure that the dye does not stain your skin. Keep an old wash cloth near by to wipe off any dye that may come in contact with your skin.

Mix the dye in a bowl according to the instructions that came with it. Use a brush to insure even application. Do a patch test. Take a section of the hair (about 2 inches) and test it with the color to see if you like it. Check for chemical reactions. If your skin becomes red or irritated, do not go any further. Consult a hair specialist.

Part your hair into four sections. Pin it in place.

Apply the hair color according to the manufacturers instructions. Each product is different. To get the best results, leave the dye on for the recommended time. On grey hair, the longer you let the dye stay on, the darker your hair will get. For soft colors and golden highlights leave the dye on less than the recommended time. Use the conditioner in your kit to moisturize after you dye. Shampooing the hair after you dye will dull the color. The website recommends to wait until the following day.