How to Dye a Hair Weave

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Dying your hair weave can be a rewarding task. You can customize the weave in any color you choose, matching the hair to your own hair color perfectly. With the right supplies, guidance and a little patience, you can have the hair weave of your dreams.

Choosing the Hair

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Choosing the weave hair quality is very important. It may seem tempting to buy the cheapest human hair available, but dying this type of hair could end up disastrous. This hair has been chemically treated and has usually been dyed via machines with strong industrial clothing dyes, making it impossible to dye over or remove color. Virgin hair -- hair that has not been treated chemically in any way -- is the best choice when it comes to depositing color.

Dampen hair weave and shampoo. Rinse and towel dry. Place weave on aluminum foil.

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Prepare your hair dye. Using gloves to protect hands, mix color and developer together as stated in hair dye instructions. If you are using professional hair dye, mix thoroughly in a non-metallic bowl.

Apply the color to the weave while it is still laying on the aluminum foil. Coat every strand evenly. Apply plastic wrap on top of the hair to avoid the color from drying out.

Wait for color to develop. Once the hair has reached the desired shade, rinse with warm water.

Rinse thoroughly again and lay the weave on a towel to air dry.

Once completely dry, the weave is ready to use.