How to Dress for Your Graduation Ceremony

How to Dress for Your Graduation Ceremony. Years of hard work have paid off, and it's your turn to sport the cap and gown. Amid the frenzy of finals, parties and sighs of relief, remember to set out a nice outfit for this special occasion.

Consider what type of school you're graduating from. A law school graduate might consider a suit, nice black dress or dressy casual separates. A high school graduate might dress up or take a walk on the wild side in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

Keep in mind the weather and the venue. Dress in lightweight clothes for an outdoor summer ceremony. Likewise, opt for sweaters and heavier pants for fall and winter ceremonies.

Wear comfortable shoes. Between standing, walking and spending time with well-wishers, you'll be putting quite a bit of pressure on your feet.

Accent a mandatory outfit with a special pin or meaningful piece of jewelry.

Remember some bobby pins to keep your cap on throughout the ceremony!