How to Dress for an Outdoor Concert

How to Dress for an Outdoor Concert. Outdoor venues put a unique spin on the music of your favorite performers. Ballads may seem more romantic under the stars, and an open field may allow you to groove to your favorite tune like never before. Keep clothes light and loose for maximum comfort.

Check the weather! This obvious first step will allow you time to prepare clothing and accessories appropriate to concert conditions. Consider an umbrella for misty conditions and sunglasses, sunscreen and a visor for hot and sunny weather.

Keep it casual. Stash a change of clothes in a duffel bag so you can get out of a business suit and dressy shoes. Chances are you'll be more comfortable and keep your dressier work clothes safe from grass and dirt stains.

Dress comfortably, especially if you'll be sitting on the ground. Choose clothes that are loose around the legs, hips and buttocks.

Think dressy casual for a classical or jazz concert. Men might opt for khakis and a sweater for fall outings, and shorts and a linen shirt for summer events. Women, consider cotton slacks and a twinset for fall, and a long sundress for summer performances.

Bring an extra sweater or a light jacket for cool evenings.

Wear comfortable flat shoes. Women may want to avoid pointed heels, as they may get stuck in the grass or dirt.