How to Dress for a Winter Formal

How to Dress for a Winter Formal. Winter Formal is an enchanting and magical night of friends, dancing and memorable fun. Dressing up in formal and elegant attire is part of the whole experience to make your winter formal extra special. As you plan for your attire, select styles that fit your unique personality.


Get in the know on current styles and colors in the fashion trends of today. Check out fashion magazines for the latest in fashion styles for the season. As you begin looking for a dress, chose a style and color that work for your body type and skin color. Most of all, chose a dress that you love!

Consider purchasing a shawl, cover-up or formal jacket according to the weather in your area. They come in a variety of fabrics, colors and styles.

Look for shoes and accessories. Remember, this is only one night, you can find great accessories that you can wear for this special occasion, but you may want to look for styles that you could wear again.

Make a hair appointment with a professional or ask someone you know who is creative at doing hair. Hairstyles can be fun and unique. Try a hair do that is right for your hair length and also your face shape. There are also a variety of options in wearing your hair up or down with curls or no curls. Get creative with your hairstyle.

Order or make a boutonnière for your date. A boutonnière adds an elegant touch to your date's jacket or coat. Be sure to pick something that is elegant but masculine.


Check out the latest styles in tuxedos or suits. Visit your local rental shop for a tuxedo or suit. If you are going with a date, pick out a tie or vest that coordinates with their dress.

Remember this is not the basketball court. You will want to wear socks to match your pants, preferably not white tube socks. Also, you can rent shoes with your tuxedo. Be sure that they fit right and are comfortable.

Pick up your date with a beautiful corsage in hand. Most girls love flowers! A corsage is a beautiful gesture and completes your date's Winter Formal look.