How to Dress for a High School Reunion (Male)

Everyone has heard the expression, "The clothes make the man." These people have not been together for ten, twenty or more years. Now a lucky few can just come as they are with no worries. For the rest of us, what to wear to a reunion can be a nerve racking decision.

Establish a budget for the reunion. When dressing to impress for a high school reunion it can be quite expensive. Check the current wardrobe for items such as shoes, socks, ties and belts that are often over shadowed by the suit and can save a person money by not having to buy these items new.

Determine what statement needs to be made. Do the clothes need to scream millionaire or merely state "I have done well but prefer not to brag". If the former is the goal then the clothes need to stand out without being gaudy. If the later is true then understatement is key.

Select a clothing rental store if money is tight but an impression needs to be made. This way a person can dress like a millionaire but not have to break the bank.

Choose a fine clothing store in the area that offers wardrobe consultants. These consultants often know what is in this year and what is out. Beware that their job is to sell as much merchandise as possible so be cautious in taking every one of their recommendations.

Find a reputable tailor in the area. Nothing impresses more than a tailored suit made specifically to the wearers specifications. Some stores offers this service with purchase. However they usually tailor clothes off the rack. At a tailor, a suit can be made from scratch and will fit better.

Pick accessories carefully. If money is no object then do not spare any expense on the shoes and ties specifically. If the impression target group is specifically the women, then great shoes are a must. Women often notice shoes first.

Be comfortable whatever the dress. Remember that most everyone else is trying to impress and is also nervous. Be comfortable in the skin you're in underneath the suit. Confidence can be a great suit in and of itself.