How to Dress for a Casual High School Reunion

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Preparing for your high school reunion can be stressful and overwhelming. Ensuring you look your best without dressing too over-the-top can be challenging, especially when the dress code is casual. Finding the right outfit for the casual occasion can make reuniting with old friends exciting instead of dreadful. As the Plain Dealer, a daily newspaper in Ohio, says, "While you can't suddenly get an impressive new career or find that perfect life partner in a few weeks, the right look can assure everyone that your life has been very fabulous indeed."

Choose an outfit that fits right for your body type. Wearing a form-fitting dress when you could stand to lose a few pounds may not be the best choice. Or wearing something a size too large may also be a fashion mistake when selecting a reunion outfit. Keep in mind that just because there is a popular fashion item on the market, it doesn't mean it will flatter your shape. For example, skinny jeans complement people with narrow figures, according Women's Health Magazine. And flared pants accentuate a body's curves. Try on multiple outfits and determine which outfit is the most flattering for your body and, if you're unsure, ask a salesperson for advice.

Choose a few adjectives that you'd like to describe your overall reunion look and dress the part, suggests the Plain Dealer. If a few adjectives are cheerful, smart and carefree, then wearing a fun, colorful tunic with casual, yet sophisticated jewelry, such as a strand of pearls, may be appropriate for your casual outfit. Choose something that will help you feel confident, successful and comfortable.

Seek the advice of style professionals in your community, suggests the Plain Dealer. It's likely that department stores in your city offer free fashion-related services to assist customers. Set up a meeting with the fashion professional, and give her an overview of your personal style and personality traits. Together, you and the professional will likely find a few great ensembles to choose from.