How to Do a Normal Braid

by Sara Volmering ; Updated September 28, 2017

Basic braids can be used to form several hairstyles.

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Basic braids are a simple and polished way to pull back your hair. Braids form the foundation for many different hairstyles, including updos for special occasions. Understanding the technique of a normal, single braid, will also help you understand more intricate techniques such as French braiding or fishtail braiding.

Brush or comb your hair, removing any tangles. Smooth the hair on the crown of your head. Part your hair or brush your hair back.

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and divide into three equal sections.

Cross the right section over the center section. The right section will now be in the center and the center section will now be on the right. Cross the left section over the center section. The left section will now be in the center.

Continue to cross the sections, right over center followed by left over center, until the braid has reached the desired length.

Tightly secure the braid with a hair tie.


  • Use hair spray to smooth loose hairs around your hairline. Use decorative hair clips, ribbons or headbands to add extra polish to your braided hairstyle.

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