How to Do a Brazilian Weave

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Hair extensions are a temporary method of adding length and volume to your natural hair. Weaves can be damaging if a stylist attaches them to your natural hair with glue or sews them on with a weaving needle and thread. Brazilian weaves attach with small knots to reduce the risk of breakage. Tracks, or cornrow braids in which stylists sew loose hair extensions into or braid directly into the cornrow, are not required when using the Brazilian weave technique. When done properly, Brazilian knots are safe, highly durable and provides an overall natural appearance.

Wash the hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any leftover product or residue. Do not add any conditioners, mousses, pomades, hair gels or any other type of hair product after washing. Allow the hair to dry naturally. Comb out any tangles or knots with a wide-tooth comb.

Separate the hair into four equal sections. Part the hair down the center from the forehead to the nape of the neck with a rat-tail comb. Make a second part across the scalp from the base of the right ear to the base of the left ear. Twist each of the four sections of hair and secure with a hair clip.

Release the lower right section of hair and allow it to fall freely. Comb through the section and smooth out the hair. Grasp a 1/4-inch smaller section from the group of hair. Pull an equal-size amount of extension hair and separate it in half. Place the 1/4-inch section between the two extension halves.

Braid the natural hair strands into the hair extensions. Begin at the scalp and braid approximately 1/8 down the length of the hair to secure the extensions. Cut a 3-inch section of hair extension thread and fold it in half. Hold the folded piece of extension thread against the base of the braid.

Wrap the two loose ends of the hair extension thread around the braid twice. Insert the loose ends through the loop created by folding the extension thread in half. Pull the two loose ends firmly to create a tight knot around the base of the braid. Cut off the excess extension thread with a pair of scissors.

Repeat this process for the remaining hair in the lower right section of the scalp. Always braid similar 1/4-inch sections of hair to keep the weave looking symmetrical. Move onto the other three sections of hair once the lower right section of weave is completed.