How to Decorate a T-Shirt by Cutting

How to Decorate a T-Shirt by Cutting. During the summer, you see t-shirts everywhere. Express your creativity by cutting your t-shirt into a masterpiece. A bargain t-shirt can become a personalized summer staple with a few strategic scissor cuts.

Place the shirt on a wooden cutting board. Make all your cuts on the board, with your fingers safely away from the blades.

Fringe the bottom of the shirt. Make the fringe 4-inches long, keeping your cuts as uniform as possible. A 2-inch fringe can also be cut around the sleeves. As a fringe enhancer, tie a knot in the bottom off each strip.

Cut 3-inch slashes diagonally at random intervals. The effect will look like a tiger slashed the shirt with its claws.

Remove the neckline of the shirt. Cut the neck opening larger on one side, creating an off-the-shoulder look.

Remove 1 1/2-inch circles from the material, running up the sides of the shirt. Leave a 3-inch space between each circle.

Cut the lower portion of the t-shirt off completely. Try on the t-shirt, marking the cut line for a cropped shirt. Be careful not to cut too short.