How to Decorate a Horse for a Fourth of July Parade

How to Decorate a Horse for a Fourth of July Parade. What a better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with a parade? If you plan to ride your horse in a parade, you need to know how to decorate him in a way that will please the crowd and still be safe for both horse and rider. Learn how to decorate your horse for a Fourth of July parade using these steps.

Decide a theme for your horse. The flag is a great inspiration. Use stars and stripes or just use red, white and blue all over your horse.

Get some nylon tack like a headstall, breast collar and reins in red, white or blue. These can be found at almost any tack or feed store or ordered online. Colored tack will give you a base from which to work.

Sprinkle glitter on your horse. Fourth of July is a great time to add sparkle and shine to all of your decorations. Use glitter made specifically for horses on the mane and tail, glitter paint for the hooves and all-over body glitter. There are even stencils available with stars and flag designs to use on your horse.

Make a saddle pad for your horse in red, white or blue using solid colored fabric. Get a couple of yards of fabric and lay it on top of your saddle pad when you saddle your horse. Set the saddle on top of the fabric, and it should stay in place. You may want to pin the fabric to a saddle pad just to make sure it doesn't slip.

Use red, white or blue boots on your horse, or find cheap boot covers available in almost any color. These slip on over your regular boots, giving them an instant new color. They are also good for protecting your horse's boots. Add glitter to the boot covers to make them sparkle.