How to Create Your Own Free Favor Labels for a Baby Shower

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Personalized baby shower favors are a creative way to coordinate party supplies and show thanks to your party guests. A handmade, custom tag identifies the celebration's name and date, adding even more sophistication, as well as serving as a tangible reminder of the event. Using a computer and printer or some common household crafting supplies, create tags that add a touch of fun and tie the whole party together, right down to your guests' parting gift.

Sticky Favor Labels

Open your word processing application and launch the appropriate label template. This process varies depending on the application you are using. In Microsoft Word, for example, click "Mailings" then "Labels," and then choose "Options" and find the template that matches your label number. If you're using Google Docs, on the other hand, create a new document, then click "File" and select "New" followed by "From Template." Next, search for the template matching your label number.

Place your cursor in the first box of the label template and enter the details -- like the honoree's name and the date -- of your event.

Modify the text's formatting -- change the font, for example, or increase the size and center its alignment.

Customize the label design with additional artwork, shapes and colors. Add baby-themed clip art you've found online, for example, or insert a scanned image of the mommy-to-be's latest ultrasound.

Highlight all of the text and graphical elements in your label design so it can be copied to the other cells on the template. To do so, press "Ctrl + A" on a PC or "Command + A" on a Mac.

Click inside another label cell on the template and paste the copied contents inside. To do so, press "Ctrl + V" on a PC or "Command + V" on a Mac. Repeat until all cells are filled with the same label design.

Insert a sheet of blank labels into your printer, ensuring they are facing in the correct direction for ink distribution.

Click "File" and then "Print" to send your newly-designed template of labels to the printer.

Remove the adhesive mailing labels from the printed sheets and apply them on your party favors.

Hand-Crafted Hanging Tags

Select a piece of card stock and use a pencil to draw or trace a tag shape on it. Alternatively, you can find blank tag templates online and print them directly on the card stock.

Use scissors to cut out the tag shape.

Punch a hole at the top of your tag to allow for a ribbon. Alternatively, you can slice two slits -- one on either side -- to later thread a ribbon through the holes as you would a belt.

Embellish the blank tag with markers, paint, stickers, rubber stamps and other decorations. Remember to add shower details -- like the mommy-to-be's name and the party date. Allow all wet mediums to dry thoroughly.

Thread a ribbon or string through the hole or loops, then secure the tag to your favor.

Custom Food Label/Wrapper

Create a blank wrapper template. The easiest way to do this is by simply removing the wrapper from an extra favor, but you can also measure with a ruler or measuring tape or search online for standard dimensions or sample templates. Be sure to allow for a small amount of overlap.

Trace and then cut out pieces of paper using your measurements or the wrapper template.

Decorate and add embellishments to the blank wrappers. Draw on them with markers, for example, add stickers and glitter or make stamped impressions in different colors of ink. Ensure ink and other wet decorations have dried thoroughly.

Center the front of the label on the front of the favor -- a small piece of double-sided tape will help eliminate slipping.

Wrap the label around the product, overlapping the two ends on the back side and securing with a piece of double-sided tape.