How to Create a Makeup Look for Family Get Togethers

Lilly Wallace

A family gathering is a great opportunity for enjoying great food and catching up with relatives. It is also very likely that many photos will be taken, especially if family members have traveled a great distance to be together. While you may want to feel extra comfortable and opt for a casual look, it's a great idea to use some makeup to look more pulled together, and family photo-ready.


Since the gathering may last all day, it is a good idea not to pile up too much foundation, and possibly opt for a light coverage product that simply evens out the skin tone. Another option is to use a powder foundation, which is very easy to touch up, when necessary. However, if you choose to use powder foundation, keep a very light hand, as too much powder can look a bit aging, giving the skin a "cakey" look.

Lilly Wallace

If you have dark circles or any spots, apply concealer only where needed. Less is more, especially considering that you may need to re-touch your makeup throughout the day, and you may end up putting too much product on.

If you use a liquid or cream product, use a light dust of powder to set your base and to mattify the skin where needed (like in the T-zone). This will make the base last longer and look better in photos. Choose a photo-friendly powder.


Add a natural-looking flush to your cheeks by adding some blush to your cheeks. Opt for colors that suit your skin tone and that work well with your outfit. Do not use shimmer blushes, which tend to make the skin look shiny in photo.

Lilly Wallace


Filling your eyebrows, or simply setting them in place with a brow gel is very important, as the look of your eyebrows can make a big difference in photos. If you brow hairs are sparse, use a powder or pencil to fill in the gaps and then brush them through to blend the product and give a softer appearance. If your eyebrows are naturally full, brush them through with a brow gel.

Lilly Wallace


Opt for neutral eyeshadow that suits your skin tone. Beiges, taupes and plums are all great choices, but choose matte or semi matte finishes. Shimmery eyeshadows can make you look overdone.

Lilly Wallace

If you typically wear eyeliner, make sure to keep the line thin and do not wing it much. You can also soften it by smudging it with a black eyeshadow. Follow with some mascara, making sure to get in the roots of the lashes, for the illusion of thicker lashes. Do not apply more than one coat, as you may want to apply another coat later, and several coats of mascara can cause flaking of product under your eyes.


A moisturizing formula is a must for an occasion like this one. A matte, drying formula could make your lips very uncomfortable and emphasize lines. Instead, try to fill in your lips with a liner, using it to define and perfect the shape of your lips, and then soften with added lip balm on top. This combination will keep your lips comfortable, while still ensuring color longevity.

Lilly Wallace