How to Correctly Put a Wig on

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Wigs are the perfect way to change up your hairstyle without taking drastic measures with your own hair. If you don’t put a wig on right, it may look uneven or pieces of natural hair may poke through. Properly putting on a wig ensures a comfortable, natural new look and style.

Brush your natural hair with a brush to remove all knots and tangles. If your hair is mid-length or long, take small sections of hair and roll them into flat pin curls. Distribute the pin curls evenly on your head and secure them in place with hairpins. If your hair is short, put on a wig liner -- a cap to help keep the wig secure -- prior to putting on the wig. You can also use a wig liner after rolling your hair into pin curls if you have medium or long hair. All of your natural hair should be off of the sides, front and nape of your neck.

Remove the protective hair net from the wig if it’s brand new. Hold the wig over both of your fists. Shake it gentle a few times to separate the hairs and create natural body.

Hold the wig with both hands at each side of the nape of the wig, towards the back. Tilt your head down slightly.

Put the front of the wig on your head first so it sits just above your eyebrows. Pull the wig back towards the nape of your neck.

Tilt your head back up to a straight position. Shift the front of the wig so that it sits just over your natural hairline, then center it by positioning the ear tabs on the wig in front of your ears. The ear tabs should not cover your ears.

Tuck any loose or stray hairs inside the wig or wig cap. Style your wig as desired.