How to Cook With a Gas Grill

Outdoor cooking on a gas grill is somewhat easier than cooking on a conventional charcoal grill. It is less time consuming in the fact that there is no waiting for coals to get hot, and no charcoal residue to discard. Portable gas grills are typically fueled by a propane tank.

Apply a light coat of cooking oil or spray to the cooking grill prior to lighting the grill. Do not spray on a hot grill as this could cause a flame ups and injury.

Light the grill. Most gas grills have an igniter switch for lighting the burners. Turn on the gas at the tank, then turn one burner valve on, push the igniter button and the burner should light. If an igniter switch is not present, there is a hole near a burner to light with a match or long lighter. Use caution when lighting the grill in this manner. Only light the burners needed for the food being grilled. Most grills have 3 or 4 burners. When grilling small portions, all of the burners may not be needed. Always follow the manufacturer's lighting instructions.

Allow the grill burners to get hot before placing food on them. This should only take a few minutes.

Place the food on the grill over the fire to begin cooking. In grilling some foods, place the food over the lit burner and sear one side, then turn over to sear the other side. Move the food to another area of the grill, not directly over the fire. Close the grill lid and slow cook.

Use a grilling or BBQ recipe book or the cooking instructions that came with the grill, for cooking times and temperatures for different foods. Use a meat thermometer for cooking meats to the desired temperature.

Turn off the grill burners when finished cooking. Turn off the gas on the tank. Make sure the burners go off before leaving the grill.