How to Cook on an Infrared Grill

The majority of infrared grills are powered by propane. A propane flame heats an infrared element to an extremely high temperature. The infrared radiation from that element is what cooks the food. Advocates of infrared grills claim they are quicker, cleaner and more efficient than conventional convection grills.

Ignite your infrared grill by turning on the gas and pushing the push-button igniter. Check the flame window to make sure it is lit--you may have to press the button a few times to get it lit.

Give your infrared grill enough time to reach full temperature. Most infrared grills typically take 15 minutes or less to warm up. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for appropriate warm-up time.

Set the desired temperature. Infrared grills can sear meat just like normal burners at high temperature, or can grill slowly for even, thorough cooking.

Use convection heat for slower, indirect cooking if your grill also includes a convection burner. Typically, you can turn off the infrared burner and use a convection burner off to the side. This is a good technique for delicate cuts of meat and for barbecuing.

Watch your food carefully. Your infrared burner may cook much quicker than the gas grill you are used to, so check on your food every couple of minutes until you are used to it.

Turn off the gas when you are done cooking. The burner will die out on its own.

Give the burner at least 20 minutes to cool before cleaning it. If you feel heat coming off the burner when your hand starts to get near it, you have not waited long enough.

Clean your infrared before you use it next. Cover a clean cloth with a grill-cleaning spray and rub the infrared panel until it is clean.