How to Clean Sweat off a Tie

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A striking neck tie brings an outfit together but this delicate accessory can come in contact with smelly neck sweat and body oils. If you notice your tie looks discolored, especially around the center of the tie, sweat is likely the source of the problem. Preserve the look of your favorite ties, and save money on clothing by cleaning and storing these accessories correctly. For heavily stained neck ties, consult a professional dry cleaner, but request that your tie not be pressed. Pressing a tie can damage the shape and fabric.

Take off your sweaty tie. Blot the potential stain with a dry, lint-free cloth. Do not soak or saturate the fabric. Use a blow dryer to dry the fabric before the stain sets in.

Treat a set-in sweat stain with a stain treatment spray. Spray along the stained area on the tie. If the stain appears stubborn, allow the stain treatment spray to soak into the fabric for an hour before laundering the tie.

Sprinkle talcum powder over greasy spots caused by sweat. Allow the powder to work overnight, then shake the product from the tie. Brush the powder away with a dry, soft cloth.