How to Clean Spyder Ski Jackets

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Spyder ski jackets come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow and black, and are made of warm artificial material designed to keep a skier's body insulated from the cold. Spyder ski jackets don't need to be washed that often, unless you somehow get the jacket very dirty. However, washing the jacket every once in a while can restore its bright color, while re-waterproofing it will help it keep your body protected from the elements.

Remove anything from the pockets of the jacket. Also remove anything that detaches from the jacket, such as a hood. Close all zippers and buttons to keep them from tearing the jacket during the washing.

Set the washing machine to the delicate cycle and cold wash. Add mild laundry soap to the running water and add the Spyder ski jacket. Don't add anything else to the machine while the jacket is being washed.

Set the machine on delicate wash with cold water once more after the first cycle has completed. Add waterproofing liquid for clothing to the washing machine. Don't add anything else to the washing machine for the second cycle.

Remove the jacket once it has finished the second cycle. Hang the jacket to dry.