How to Clean Flip Flops

How to Clean Flip Flops. Flip flops are favorite shoes of summer. They are great for wearing to the pool, the beach, shopping, and just hanging out. These summer staples come in assorted colors and styles, and get a ton of wear and tear. Have you noticed your favorite pair is getting a little dingy? Here is how to bring new life to the ultimate comfortable shoe.

Start with plain old soap and water and an old toothbrush. Remove most of the grime with a little scrubbing.

Put them in the dishwasher. Do not wash them with dishes, and use a gentle cleaner when running your rubber sandals through the wash. Add vinegar and baking soda to the wash to do double duty--cleaning your shoes and your dishwasher.

Let your tub fill with water while you take a shower. Soak flip flops to loosen dirt, and scrub with a nail brush afterward.

Use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as an easy way to remove grime from your flip flops and bathtub.

Try an oxygen cleaner and water to get stains off your sandals. You may need to add the power of a scrub brush for maximum results.

Use steel wool pads with soap to get down and dirty with the grit in your flip flops. This method works best after soaking the sandals in a sink of water for about an hour.