How to Clean Easy Spirit Shoes

Easy Spirit shoes are one of the most comfortable shoe brands available, and are also very easy to keep clean. Easy Spirit shoes are made with canvas, fabric and suede blends and are a durable brand that can last through the season and beyond! When you want to keep your Easy Spirit shoes in great shape, here are some simple ways to clean and maintain your shoes for the long term.

Cleaning Your Shoes

Remove dirt and debris with a wet cloth. Use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt, residue and light stains that have accumulated on the tops of the shoes and around the sole.

Use a spray stain remover to remove tough stains. Spray stain removers are especially valuable for cleaning canvas and cloth Easy Spirit Shoes with ease. Just spray the stain remove onto the shoe, let it soak for a few minutes then remove it with the dry cloth.

Keep the soles and tops clean with the dry cloth. Use a dry cloth to wipe down occasional stains, dust and dirt that accumulate on the shoes.

Leave shoes to dry in direct sunlight. If your Easy Spirit Shoes get wet in the rain or collect an odor, leave them to dry out on a windowsill and this will remove the odor and the shoes will air out naturally.

Wash the shoelaces in the sink. Remove the shoelaces from your Easy Spirit shoes and hand wash them with soap and water. This can effectively remove grime and dirt that may have collected on the shoelace.