How to Clean Cowboy Boots photographer: Dawn Allynn

Finding a good pair of leather cowboy boots that you can afford, that fits perfectly and looks good is an achievement. Once you find these, you want them to last as long as possible. One way to achieve this is by taking great care of them and cleaning them properly. Here are some simple tips to help you.

Clean your boots regularly whenever you begin to spot some loose dirt on them. You can easily do this by taking a gentle cloth and wetting it with water. Gently, wipe the cloth over the boot where the dirt is attached. By doing this regularly, you are helping to keep the dirt from becoming ingrained into the boots.

If you haven't been able to remove the dirt regularly and it becomes ingrained into the boots, don't panic. First, try to wipe it gently away with a wet cloth, using just water.If this doesn't do the trick, get some leather oil. Apply a little onto your wet cloth and then wipe onto the boot. The oil will help to remove the ingrained dirt (especially clay). Plus, the oil will help seal add a protective type coating to the boot itself.

Don't forget to condition your boots about every six months. Conditioning will help keep the boots from drying out and splitting. This will also help to keep them feeling soft. A lanolin based conditioner is the best to used. Wait until boots are completely dry and clean before you apply any conditioning product. If the boots haven't been condition in a while, you may have to apply two coats.

Most cowboy boots all ready comes with a water protector sealant. Yet, it wouldn't hurt for you to apply extra about once a year. Look for a water protector that is made specially for leather. A water protector will help keep water from being absorbed by the leather. It will instead just drop off from it.

It isn't usually necessary to polish your cowboy boots. But if you have a formal event to attend and you want them to look extra spiffy, you may wish to polish them. Buy some special Boot Cream made for leather and a special boot shine cloth (if it doesn't come with the cream). Apply gently and with even strokes.