How to Choose a Home Perm

How to Choose a Home Perm. Having a perm done at a salon can be very expensive. Besides paying for the actual perm kit you're also paying for the beautician's time and service. You can get a good quality perm by doing it at home. All you need is a good friend and a home perm kit. Follow these steps to choose a home perm kit that gives you salon results.

Decide what style perm you are looking for. There are curly, body wave and spiral perms. Research the different styles and choose one that you think will look the best on you.

Choose the rod size you desire. The color of the rod determines the size of the perm. The colors are universal throughout all perm kits with purple being the loosest curls and grey being the tightest.

Pick the brand of home perm you desire. Ogilvie is a top brand of home perms that consistently gets good results. L'Oreal is also a good brand for hair that is resistant to a perm.

Purchase a home perm kit for color treated hair if your hair isn't it's natural color. Perm kits are very harsh on your hair and can strip out the color. The chemicals in the home perm kits for color treated hair aren't as harsh.

Spend a reasonable amount of money on your home perm kit. You don't need to buy the most expensive kit but you also don't want to choose the cheapest kit either. You get what you pay for.