How to Buy Wholesale Watches

One of the best ways to buy wholesale watches is with the help of the Internet. There are a number of online businesses like or where you'll be able to purchase wholesale watches. In addition, you may find sellers on sites like eBay or that offer wholesale watches. Kenneth Cole, Guess and Swatch are just a few of the name-brand watches you may be able to purchase at wholesale price and quantity.

Buying Wholesale Watches

Identify the type of watches you want to buy. There are many sellers or wholesalers who specialize in selling wholesale replica watches, and there are wholesalers and traders who offer a variety of name-brand wholesale watches. The type of watches you're interested in buying will determine who you're going to do business with. is just one of many companies you can consult in your search for wholesale watches.

Research the wholesalers or trading companies you're considering doing business with. Narrow your search to five watch wholesalers. Ask questions about pricing, minimum quantity orders, and shipping concerns. Be sure you're clear about the return and exchange policies of the various watch wholesale companies.

Consult your local and state consumer fraud agency as well as the Better Business Bureau. This will minimize your chances of falling victim to a would be scam artist. Furthermore, asking for references of other satisfied businesses or customers will help ensure that your watch wholesaler is a legitimate vendor.

Establish an account with the wholesaler or trading company of your choice. You'll be asked to provide your name or your company's business name. Since you're going to be the point of contact, you'll be required to provide your email address and a phone number where you can be reached. In addition, some watch wholesalers or trading companies may ask for your company's tax identification number. Depending on the vendor you select, you may not be able to buy wholesale watches without a tax ID number.

Create a written contract between you and your wholesaler. This will protect you as well as your watch wholesaler in the event of any discrepancy. This will help prevent you from being scammed or falling victim to "bait and switch" tactics. This occurs when your watch wholesaler offers you a specific type of watch at a specific price, but ships watches different from what you agreed to purchase.

Pay for your wholesale watches. If possible, pay for your wholesale watches with a credit or debit card. Using your credit or debit card will help you recover your funds in the event of a fraudulent transaction. Never send cash or a money order to a watch wholesaler or trading company. Depending on your watch wholesaler, a bank wire may be a viable option to pay for your wholesale watches.