How to Break in Shoes Without Wearing Them

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Breaking in shoes is a necessary evil, but you can do it without pinching your toes or leaving blisters on your heels. Instead of trudging around your house for two days before taking your shoes out for a public spin, you can break them in without even wearing them. New shoe owners have choices ranging from at-home shortcuts to enlisting the help of a professional. Avoid suffering through a painful, time-consuming ordeal and try some foot-saving shortcuts instead.

Look at the size of the shoe. Verify that you have the right shoe size for your feet. Breaking in a pair of shoes a size too small is difficult and painful. Buy the right size.

Pick up the shoe, holding it at the heel with one hand and at the instep with the other. Squeeze the shoe together, making a fold motion. Do this several times to break in the shoe but do not break the heel or crease the shoe.

Fill out the toes of the shoes completely with tissue or a rolled washcloth. Stuff the shoes fully to stretch the area slightly. Push heel inserts into the back of the shoes. Leave the tissues, clothes and heel inserts in the shoes overnight.

Remove all the stuffing in your shoe and place a shoe stretcher inside. Adjust the shoe stretcher to your shoe size and leave the stretcher in the shoe for an hour. You can purchase a shoe stretcher at a clothing or shoe store.

Take your new shoes to a cobbler and ask him to stretch your shoes. This process can take 30 minutes or more.