How to Barbecue Ham

How to Barbecue Ham. Many people purchase a ham from the store that is pre-glazed and simply toss it in the oven and heat it up before serving. However, if you want to experiment with a fantastic recipe for the grill, here is a great barbecued ham recipe.

Combine the mustard, bourbon, apple juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, allspice and honey in a saucepan. Heat slowly and gently, being sure to allow everything to dissolve. Once dissolved, then set aside and let cool.

Place your ham in the large glass bowl and smother it with the sauce that you created. Place the ham in the fridge for 36 hours being sure to re-marinate the ham every 6 hours. Also be sure to rotate the ham so that the juices get to both the top and bottom.

Pre-heat the grill to a medium heat. Low and slow is the key here. Since the ham is already cooked, you don't want to blast it with too much heat and have it dry on the outside and cold on the inside.

Barbecue your ham on the grill for 12 to 14 minutes per pound. Again, this is for an already cooked ham. If you need to cook the ham through, it will take much longer. The ideal internal temperature for a ham is 150 degrees F.

Re-baste the ham every 30 minutes with the additional marinade.

Remove the ham from the grill, allow to cool slightly, then serve to family and friends.