How to Apply Loose Powder Mineral Makeup

A lighter alternative to liquid foundation, the extremely fine grains in loose powder mineral foundations and concealers provide full, even coverage and leave the skin looking natural. This product is ideal for combination or oily skin, because it produces a smooth, matte finish and allows pores to breathe. If you have dry skin and want to enjoy the benefits of loose mineral makeup, moisturize properly first.

Skin Preparation

Remove dirt buildup, oil and dry flakes -- start every makeup routine with freshly washed skin. Follow up with a daytime moisturizer, ideally one with SPF to protect against UV rays. Gently massage the lotion in, using upward and outward motions until it's completely absorbed.

Wait about 5 minutes to allow the moisturizer to sink in; your skin should be dry to the touch. Mineral makeup clings to moisture, and you don't want uneven results.

Light Coverage

A tiny touch of mineral makeup goes a long way. Pour some of the loose powder into the lid of the container. Dip a large, fluffy kabuki brush into the lid, and swirl to load the bristles. Tap the brush on the side of the lid to remove excess powder.

Sweep the loaded brush down the center of your face, from the top of your forehead down your nose. Then sweep the brush across your cheekbones to distribute the makeup.

Gently sweep the brush out from these areas to spread the foundation evenly and smoothly. Focus attention on areas that need a little extra coverage, such as around your nostrils or chin. Once blended, the final effect should be a matte finish without a powdery effect. If you applied too much powder, sweep a clean kabuki brush over your face to remove the excess.

Full Coverage

If you want fuller coverage in key areas that are red or uneven, use a large, flat-bristled, rounded concealer brush. Dip the brush into the lid of the loose powder, and tap off the excess. Don't overload the brush.

Sweep the brush over the desired area and continue to blend until the makeup sits evenly on your skin. Small, gentle strokes keep the coverage focused. Remove any excess product with a clean kabuki brush.

Mineral Concealer and Veils

Loose mineral makeup also comes in concealer and setting powder formula, which work best on top of cream or liquid foundations. Apply the concealer after your have applied your foundation, and only use it on small problem areas, such as around the nostrils or over a blemish. Dip a very small concealer brush into the product, and gently dab into the problem area. Keep dabbing until the concealer blends into the skin.

Setting powders are supposed to be completely translucent, though they have a little bit of a white hue. These products work best after you apply a liquid or cream foundation to set the product in place for the day. Pour the setting powder into the lid, and swirl a large kabuki or blush brush into the lid. Tap off the excess, and sweep the brush over your face. You should only need one brush-load to set your makeup while avoiding a caked-on or pasty effect.