How to Adjust Glasses to Fit

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Eyeglasses often stretch or bend out of shape over time. New glasses or frames are not necessary if your eyeglasses feel loose or lopsided. There is no need to take them to a jewelry store or eyeglass shop for repairs. With a few simple tools, the frames may be easily adjusted.

Adjust the temple piece, if the frames are off-balance or sit crooked on your nose. The temple piece is the "leg" of the glasses, extending from the frame to behind the ear. A tiny L bracket holds the temple piece to the frame. With the needle-nose pliers, taking great care, adjust the temple piece of the glasses. If the frames are stretched away from the face, bend the L bracket inward. If the frames are bending in, correct the angle.

If the temple piece L bracket is loose at the frame, gently tighten the screw with the tiny screwdriver included in the eyeglass repair kit.

To adjust the earpiece (on metal frames), gently bend the earpiece toward or away from the center of the frames.

To adjust the bridge, bend slightly with the needle-nose pliers. The bridge is the nose piece connecting the two lens frames.

Try the new fit of the frames. Repeat the steps to achieve the desired fit.