How Much Is an Average School Uniform?

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School uniforms are a highly debated subject. Some argue that the school uniform makes a school safer and promotes study without the distractions of clothing. When all children wear the same clothes, they consider each other as equals rather than socially inferior or superior based on the expense of clothing. Others argue that school uniforms remove individuality and infringe upon the rights of students and parents. Regardless of the debate, one main concern of many parents is the expense of school uniforms.

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Look up the cost of the basic uniform. The basic school uniform often includes a jacket, a shirt and pants or a skirt, depending on gender. Exact uniforms will differ dramatically in variety, cost, size and color. According to Speak Out, the average cost of the school uniform is around $104. Some schools will have less expensive uniforms and others will have more costly uniforms, but averages are slightly more than $100 per uniform.

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Shoes add to the overall cost of the uniform. School uniforms include a specific type of shoe, which will differ based on the school standards. The minimum cost of shoes is about $20, though prices can become much higher depending on the type of shoes required by the school.

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Add other clothing items such as socks, hats, coats or other similar clothing items to the cost of the uniform. The cost for these will vary based on the location. Schools will typically have limitations on types of socks, hats and other clothing and the cost can range between $5 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the climate, the school requirements and other similar factors. For example, a school might require basic white socks for students, which will cost around $5 for about four to six pairs. Another school might require black dress socks, which are sold individually and often cost $2 to $3 each.

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Add all of the numbers together. While the average cost of a basic uniform is around $100, the added costs can bring the cost up. The average range would end up being a minimum of $125 and could rise to several hundred dollars depending on the school, climate and uniform.