How do I Word an Enclosure Card for Hotel Accommodations for a Wedding?

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According to Amy Suddleson, a wedding invitation specialist on, "Hotel accommodation cards inform your guests as to where the bride and groom recommend they stay." These cards are sometimes called "enclosure cards," and they are included in the wedding envelope when you send out invitations. These enclosure cards are strictly for out-of-town guests who will need accommodations to attend the wedding. Deciding how to word your own cards may seem tricky. Keep the wording simple and direct for the best result.

State that you have reserved a block of rooms at a nearby hotel. For example, "A block of rooms at the Garden Suites and Inn have been reserved for your convenience." If you haven't reserved rooms yet, you may want to consider it.

Write the address, phone number, fax number and email address of the hotel accommodations. Include a map of the area to give guests a visual idea of the town.

Tell wedding guests the cut-off date to reserve a room. For example, "The rooms are available for reservation until September 2" will let guests know how long they have to reserve a room.

Tell wedding guests to please call the hotel by the cut-off date to make a reservation or to ask any questions about hotel services and features. For example, "Please call and make your reservation by September 2 to ensure accommodations" is direct yet polite wording.

Include whether or not the guests must pay for their own room. The wedding couple may opt to apply a certain amount toward each room, thereby giving a discount to wedding guests. To word this on the enclosure card, say, "Rooms will be available at a discount price if reserved by the cut-off date."

Write in any other information you wish your wedding guests to have. If you have a website with important information on it, include the URL at the bottom of the enclosure card.