How do I Unclasp a Ebel Wave Watch Band?

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The Ebel Watch Company began in 1911 in France and continues to make high-end watches for men and women in sports and dress styles. Ebel watches can be found at many department stores and authorized retailers. The Ebel Wave is a metal dress watch available for both men and women that features a hidden clasp on the bracelet. While this provides a seamless look to the watch band, it can be difficult to open. There are a few steps to open an Ebel Wave watch bracelet.

Turn the watch so that the watch band is facing you.

Grasp each side of the watch band in the middle of the band. Apply pressure on the underside of the watch band, lightly pinch each side of the watch band and lift up. The watch is now open.

Gently pull each side of the watch band as the hidden clasp opens and expands. Place the watch on the wrist.

Close each side of the open watch bracelet, folding the hidden clasp inside the bracelet.

Push the sides together until you hear a click. The watch is now closed.