How do I Decorate Muffins With Sugar Crystals?

Purple Sugar Crystals image by chas53 from

Sugar crystals are added to muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes to create a surface sparkle. They can be found in various colors as well as just white. Sugar crystals even come in metallic shades. For cakes and cupcakes, the crystals are sprinkled on the frosting. This is true with frosted cookies as well. Muffins require that the crystals are sprinkled on top before baking. The sugar crystals are extra large, creating more of a show than normal fine sugar crystals.

Prepare muffin batter for any type of muffin. Some types of muffins that go especially nice with sugar crystal decorating are banana, blueberry, pumpkin, apple cinnamon, bran or oat.

Place a muffin paper in each compartment of a muffin pan. Drop an ice cream scoop full of batter into each paper.

Sprinkle the tops of the muffins with sugar crystals. The crystals must be placed on the batter while it is still wet or they will not stick.

Bake the muffins, according to the recipe, for time and oven temperature. The crystals will still be colorful and sparkling when the muffins are pulled from the oven. This is due to the larger size of the crystals.

Allow the muffins to cool before serving.