Homemade Confetti Shooter

Confetti shooters spice up any celebration or party by spraying the air with a colorful rain of paper shreds. This party feature is suitable for birthdays, weddings and showers, and leaves a bright combination of colors scattered about the floor for the duration of the celebration. The benefit of using a homemade confetti shooter is that you can control the amount of confetti and determine the times it sprays.


Select an electric-powered item that expels controlled gusts of air such as a blow dryer or leaf blower. A blow dryer is sufficient for small parties and its lightweight quality makes it easy to carry. The benefit of using a leaf blower is that it’s more powerful than a blow dryer and can expel confetti to far corners of a room. You can also load a larger amount of confetti in a leaf blower because its power can accommodate heavier weights of paper.

Building the Container

Choose a round, plastic container to hold the colorful shreds of paper. Select a receptacle that is larger than the spout of the air blowing machine. Cut two holes on either side of container. The best place to put the holes is on directly opposite sides of the sphere. Because the machine blows in a fairly straight line, a hole at either end will allow the air to reach the confetti and push it straight through the other opening. Consider making the first hole the size of the machine spout and the other opening a little smaller. This technique enables the spout to enter the receptacle on one and blow the confetti out of the other side. Making the second hole smaller concentrates the amount of paper expelled and enables you to shoot it farther. This process is especially beneficial for confetti shooters constructed out of a blow dryer because a dryer does not have the intense air force of a leaf blower.

Spraying the Confetti

Fill the round container attached to the machine while it’s off. Ensure the power cord is plugged into an outlet before adding the confetti so that you do not have to plug it in after adding the paper and accidentally expel confetti too early. When it’s time to spray the room, switch the machine on and shift it back and forth so the confetti sprays across the room. Refill the receptacle completely before each use.