How to Eradicate the Smell of a Dead Mouse

Hemera Technologies/ Images

A dead mouse will emit an unfavorable odor into the air and continue to do so until the animal has fully decomposed. A single dead mouse may release a mild odor that you may barely notice, but if there are multiple dead mice present in your walls, the odor will likely be strong enough to nauseate you. Fortunately there steps you can take to eradicate the smell of dead mice in your home.

Locate the dead mouse; the only way to do this is by having the smell lead you to it. If you spot flies taking an interest in a corner of a room, there could a dead rodent near the area. Once you find the mouse carcass, you will need to discard of it in disposable garbage bag and swipe the area with vinegar, to prevent the attraction of flies.

Use a masking deodorant spray, granule or aerosol. You can sprinkle the granule on the area where the dead mouse was found. A deodorant spray should be used just enough to mask the foul odor. Take note that it will only temporarily inhibit the smell. Lighting an incense can also overpower the smell for a short period of time.

Turn on an ozone generator for oxidization, if one is available. Ozone generators are one of the most effective ways in eliminating odor. They react through neutralizing the bacteria that creates the odor.

Run an activated carbon air filter in the room. An activated carbon air filter works by dispersing microscopic pores into the air that absorb the particles responsible for the odor.

Run a fan in the room. If possible, point the fan toward an open window to allow the odor to escape. During sleep, keep the fan on, blowing the odor away from your face.

Diffuse essential oils into your room. The fragrance of essential oils will overtake any area of the house simply by being placed on a diffuser. Many essential oils have their own unique smell and can combat bacteria and repulsive odors coming from a dead mouse.