Handmade Secret Sister Gifts

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The secret sister program is an opportunity to show love and concern for a friend or neighbor. Often names are exchanged and anonymous gifts given to convey appreciation and love. Secret sisters' gifts can be purchased, but often the most valuable and meaningful gifts are handmade with the sister in mind. There are many options of easy do-it-yourself gifts that can leave a lasting impression.

Handmade Blankets

A handmade blanket can be a perfect gift for a secret sister. Tailor the fabric and design for the recipient's tastes. Homemade blankets vary in difficulty. Try tying a quilt for that special person. Or purchase a square of fleece and cut and tie the edges into knots. For a more advanced gift, sew quilt squares together in a pattern or sequence. Most craft or quilting stores will have the necessary equipment or instructions to complete the project.

Baked Goods

Try preparing a special recipe or treat for your secret sister. The preparation and time it takes to cook will show your secret sister you care. A warm treat can be especially comforting. Package homemade bread in bright cellophane or box up a dozen homemade chocolate-chip cookies. Include the recipe with a plate of homemade fudge or a favorite family dessert. Or include all the ingredients for brownies or soup in one package and include cooking instructions.

Photo Collage

A photo collage is a unique personalized gift. If you spend a lot of time with your secret sister, print out pictures of you and her together. If you are just getting to know her, find family or other friend pictures to use. Purchase a photo frame with a large, clean border. Decorate the sides of the frame with quotations and stickers that can be easily purchased at a craft store. Or design and draw your own border. Write the location and date beneath each photo.

Inspirational Quote Book

Words of comfort or friendship are always inspiring. Cut up squares of scrapbook paper into the size of the book you want. Find powerful quotes from an online collection of quotations. Write or type the quotes on each page of the book. Include your own message and photos. Bind your quote book with string or a metal ring. Leave blank spaces for journal writing or accompanying thoughts. Your quote book can be thematic and personalized to your secret sister.