How to Give a Compliment

How to Give a Compliment. Compliments honor, elate and validate our efforts. Unlike flattery, a compliment is always socially acceptable if it is sincere and given in the appropriate context. Compliments can break the ice at work or at a party. They can diffuse stress, lift spirits or solidify a bond. Give compliments with ease to anyone.

Step 1

Be sincere. Compliment only that which deserves it. If the speech was a flop, compliment the speaker instead for coming to address your group. It's easy to spot phoniness.

Step 2

Make the compliment memorable by being specific. Instead of "you're a great cook," say "the pot roast was delicious." Instead of "you look nice, say "that's a handsome sport coat."

Step 3

Ask a question as a compliment. "The color of that scarf is perfect for you. Where did you find it?" Asking a question drives the conversation.

Step 4

Give a compliment as you would give a gift. Expect nothing in return.

Step 5

Consider the setting. Compliments should be appropriate. Tell the bride that she looks beautiful. Congratulate her on losing 100 pounds some other time.

Step 6

Acknowledge your relationship with the person you're complimenting. Comment on your boss' new hair color only if you two are long-time friends. A compliment is an opinion that may not be welcome.

Step 7

Choose your words carefully. A compliment in good taste and the right words at the right time is always welcome.