Gifts for an 18-Year-Old Man

Turning 18 is a huge milestone in a young person's life. It marks the legal start of adulthood and the end of the teenage years. This celebration of privileges and responsibilities requires a thoughtful gift for a young man. Keep in mind the hobbies and interests of the recipient and infuse a personal touch into your gift-giving when selecting.

Digital Camera

For many young people, turning 18 marks a huge change in lifestyle. This is the year that many will graduate high school and enter the workforce or go off to college. Giving them a digital camera to help capture these fleeting moments will be a gift appreciated for many years as the recipient looks back on the photos taken. Choose an easily portable and durable camera to maximize usage.

Concert or Event Tickets

A pair of coveted concert tickets for an 18-year-old and a friend would create a memory that would last a lifetime. Find out who his favorite musicians are and research upcoming shows. Providing a pair of tickets will ensure that he can bring a pal. If music isn't really his scene, tickets to a sporting event might be a more appropriate idea. It's also possible there is a fair, carnival or festival in your area that he might like to attend.

Magazine Subscription

Magazine subscriptions are usually a budget-friendly gift option and will continue to give month after month. Rolling Stone would be a good choice for a music fan. Sports Illustrated for the sports fan. Budget Traveler or National Geographic Traveler for the adventurer. Popular Science for the science-buff. Esquire or GQ for general interest.

Wrist Watch

A nice wristwatch would be a stylish and long treasured gift for a young man. Keep his style and hobbies in mind when selecting to help decide which watch features would be important. Consider engraving a nice sentiment on the back of the watch.