Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys for Valentine's From Mom

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Moms often have a good idea of what sorts of things their teenage sons are longing for, and in the middle of February they may have some ideas left over for Christmas. Many things teenagers want may be costly, so you'll need to shop around to get better deals. If you shop online, do so early enough for the gift to arrive in time.


Accessories for his computer such as a cooling pad for his laptop, a wireless mouse or keyboard, a USB hub expander or a new laptop sleeve are hip, useful and on the less expensive side. A USB Bluetooth adapter dongle can be the key to going wireless for things like headphones, game controllers and information transfer.

Music and Phones

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Cellphone upgrades are an easy present, especially if you're an Internet shopper. Carriers sometimes offer free next-day shipping to eligible accounts. Gift cards to online music services that offer MP3 downloads for portable devices allow the teenager to choose the music he wants. Blank CDs are an economical gift. Prerecorded CDs are always popular and are less expensive when purchased used.

Concerts and Events

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Tickets to live shows featuring his favorite band are a wonderful gift for your son. Depending on your son's age, you could accompany him and have the experience together. Tickets to sporting events, comedy shows or Star Trek conventions will be engaging and memorable.

Video Games and Online Gaming

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Many video-game retailers have a "What's Hot" or "Featured" or "Top Sellers" section to make your selection simple. He might be happy to receive a new or used copy of a popular game. New wireless controllers, rechargeable batteries to keep those controllers going and cases to keep everything together are other great ideas. If he does a lot of online gaming, buying him airtime cards is the surest way to get a "Thank you."