Getting Two Shy People to Talk to Each Other

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Whether going on a date together or simply looking to build a new friendship, two shy people will have a difficult time talking to each other. Thoughts will race through their heads about what the other person is thinking and what subjects they should talk about. There are several simple ways for them to get a start on the road to endless conversations.

Icebreaker Games

Icebreaker games can be used to calm the nervous jitters of two shy people meeting each other for the first time or just getting to know each other better. Let the two people select an item from their own purse or pocket that has a personal significance. Have them explain to each other why the item is special to them. They might find they both picked similar items. For a different game, set a bowl of lollipops between the two people. Let them each select a lollipop. Have them use the flavor of the lollipop as an acronym to describe their positive personality traits.

Topic Discussions

Popular culture as a topic can be a conversation starter for shy people. Many people follow multimedia, technology and celebrity trends. Give the two shy people the name of a popular television show. One of the shy people has likely seen or at least heard about the show. The person familiar with the series can share the storyline of the show with the other person. If both people are familiar with the show or movie, they will have more to talk about, such as favorite characters or episodes. For an additional discussion, have the two people look through a newspaper and discuss the latest news.

Paired Activities

Engaging the two shy people in an activity together will encourage them to communicate with each other to complete tasks. For example, have them create a simple recipe together, such as no-bake cookies. Set up the ingredients and assign certain recipe steps for each person to do. They will have to talk to each other in the process to complete the activity. Consider having the two shy people complete a treasure hunt. They will have to depend on each other's knowledge to unlock clues or decode riddles to find a hidden treasure.

Open-Ended Questions

Questions can open the door between two shy people to gather information about each other. Closed-ended questions, such as "Do you like pizza?" will yield "yes" or "no" responses. According to the Indiana University Shyness Research Institute, shy people can ask open-ended questions that require some thought and more than a "yes" or "no" answer to keep a conversation going. Encourage the two people to think of open-ended questions to ask, such as "What are your plans for the summer?"