How to Get Along With a Taurus

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People born under the sign of Taurus in the zodiac calendar supposedly are known for stubbornness and possessiveness. Those two traits can make getting along with someone born between April 20 and May 20 challenging. Understanding the Taurus personality and the positive traits associated with this sign may make living with, loving or working with a Taurus a little easier.

Possessiveness and Loyalty

A Taurus person loves to own things, and those things are important to him. Many people under the sign of the bull extend that love of things to people and feel as if they “own” their friends, family members and lovers. While being treated as property may be annoying, this tendency may lead to a positive trait: loyalty. Taurus individuals want to hold onto all of their possessions, so doing something that might cause the loss of a close friend is problematic for a bull. As a result, talking to a Taurus about the possessiveness problem may be enough to make him change his attitude and behavior so he do not lose one of his prized “possessions.”

Stubbornness and Understanding

Taureans are known for being stubborn. You may become aggravated by this stubborn streak, but sometimes you need to be more understanding. Taureans take things slowly and persevere even when others around them give up. Sometimes that perseverance ends up producing positive results; sometimes it doesn’t. In either case, the Taurus will give up when she is satisfied that enough effort has been put into the endeavor. This might be frustrating, but it means the person is willing to work hard to make relationships and business ventures successful. Be patient and try to understand why she seems so stuck in her ways.

Materialism and Practicality

Bulls love comfort. They like beautiful surroundings, sumptuous food and anything else that makes them feel relaxed. Because they may invest so much of their hard-earned money into creating wonderful homes, they often don’t want to leave. Getting along with a Taurus means appreciating that most of the time he is happier curled up on the couch watching movies and eating a gourmet meal than going out to clubs, restaurants and movie theaters. However, a Taurus is practical, so if you want to drag him out of the house, you will succeed if you can give him a good reason.

Temperamental and Harmonious

While Taureans may not anger as easily as those under other zodiac signs, they do have short tempers and may make life unpleasant for those who trigger their anger. That temper may make a person hard to get along with. However, a Taurean never stays angry long because her ultimate life goal is harmony. She is happiest when everyone around her is happy and her life is stable. While occasional fits of rage may be hard on friends and loved ones, temper quickly dies down as long as those around her don’t cause heated emotions to flare up again.