Qualities of Someone With a Strong Spirit

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Everyone has a spirit, but some are stronger than others. According to the website Conquering Stressful Family Hurdles, developing a strong spirit does not come naturally to children, and they may need encouragement. Generally, children reflect the qualities they learn from their parents. Spirits---or personality traits---can manifest themselves either positively or negatively in a person. People with strong spirits tend to rise above the crowd and be noticed. Often, they are in leadership positions.


While accepting authority may be a desirable quality, people with strong spirits often display a streak of rebelliousness. Rather than conforming to the norm and accepting things at face value, people with strong spirits will challenge the system. This quality may temper with age, but individuals with strong spirits are often remembered as rebels who fight for a cause.


People with strong spirits don't paddle in the shallows or take a long time to make decisions. While they may consider things carefully for a while, once they announce their intentions, it is a done deal. They are unlikely to change their minds.


Along with decision-making comes the responsibility of accepting the consequences of the choice. One of the qualities common in people with strong spirits is that they will admit when they are wrong, pick up the pieces and carry on. Blaming someone else is something that individuals with weak spirits do to absolve themselves of responsibility.


Along with making decisions and accepting responsibility comes honesty and integrity. An individual with a strong spirit can be depended upon to do what she promises. Strong spirits pride themselves on being people whose word is their bond. If someone with a strong spirit can't deliver on a promise, she will let you know quickly and provide a valid explanation.


"Question everything" is a prime mantra of someone with a strong personality. People with strong spirits tend to analyze situations and then determine whose interests are being served. Further, they have to find out for themselves, rather than accepting an idea "because that is the way it is."


One of the reasons people with strong spirits thrive is because they have a thirst for life and they want a challenge every day. Their enthusiasm can be contagious, which is why others want to be around people with this quality. Similarly, they encourage individuals with weaker personalities and spirits to take risks and to pursue their dreams.