Garden Club Fundraiser Ideas

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Garden clubs provide a social outlet and opportunity to share gardening tips and ideas, but many clubs also give back to their community through beautification projects or other community funds. Raising money as a garden club can be done through a single fundraiser or an ongoing project, but is most effective when it ties in with members' passion for gardening.

Seed Kit Sales

Seeds make an obvious sales item for a garden club fundraiser. Choose seeds that grow well in your region, and assemble them in kits according to type-a kitchen garden set with vegetables that thrive in your area, a flowerbed starter kit or an heirloom plant set for plants your club is trying to revive. Include instructions for designing a garden spot for the seeds, sowing and care with each kit. Seed kits can be sold once a year at a booth,or throughout the year by members to their friends and acquaintances.

Garden Tours

Use all the time your members spend on their gardens to benefit the club. Arrange a spring tour to show off the most magnificent of your members' gardens. Charge an admission fee and provide tour goers with a map as well as information about notable plants or flowers in each garden.

Plant or Flower Sales

Sell potted flowers or plants. Members can grow their own and sell the perennials that they divide, or purchase plants and flowers in bulk for resale. To add value to the plants and increase the sale price, members may charge extra for consultation on planting and care or plant them personally in purchaser's gardens.

Bouquet Sales

Club members with many flowers in their gardens can cut flowers and arrange special bouquets for sale. Plan this fundraiser around Valentine's Day or Mothers' Day, depending on what will be in bloom, for maximum sales opportunity. Store bought flowers can also be used for arrangements, if necessary.

Gardening Classes

Use your club members' knowledge to raise funds for the club. Offer classes in topics your gardeners are experts in, such as garden bed design, organic gardening or pest control. Find a library or school that will donate lecture space to the club for the lecture. Charge an admission fee and offer light refreshments.