Games for Kids to Play at Baby Showers

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Traditionally, baby showers were held only for women expecting their first baby. The etiquette surrounding baby showers has changed, however, and almost anything goes as long as the guest of honor is on board. These days, the shower may include male co-workers and spouses. It may also include the children of guests. You might even host a baby shower where kids are the main guests. For example, the mother-to-be may have older children, nieces and nephews who want to be part of the festivities. Perhaps the mom-to-be is a teacher. Some of the baby shower games that adults play are fine for kids, but it’s more fun if the games for children are planned with them in mind.

Itty Bitty Treasure Hunt

Kids enjoy active games, and if you can send them outside, everybody wins. Hide small, wrapped baby shower gifts such as small toys, pacifiers or a baby brush in the yard. Make a map of where the treasures are hidden in case the kids can’t find them all. The child who collects the most gifts wins. Of course, the gifts go to the mom-to-be.

Marshmallows and Straw Construction Game

This game can keep kids busy for a long time and is even appropriate for younger children. Seat everyone at a large table protected with a vinyl tablecloth, if needed. Place bags of large and miniature marshmallows on the table and provide straws, spaghetti or coffee stirrers cut to varying lengths. If the kids are young, have each one design something that a baby would use, such as a cradle, stroller, rocking chair or toy. Older kids may be divided into teams to work together. Give prizes for the most creative, most and least marshmallows used, and the one most likely to get the baby kicked out of the Mommy & Me group!

Baby Shower Infomercial

Kids are more likely to remember what it’s like to be a small child than the adults at the baby shower. So, put them to work. You can use a video camera for this game, or the performance can be live. Divide pre-teens and teenagers into teams of two or more. Select one responsible person to be the videographer. Give the teams 10 minutes to prepare a skit. Each team will make a funny two-minute video for the mom-to-be instructing her on how to be a good mother from the baby’s perspective. The team with the funniest video, as selected by the mom-to-be, wins the Clio award.

Baby Concentration

Make 27 pairs of memory cards using stickers, clip art of baby items and pictures of babies. You can play the game with any number of players; however, if you have a very large group, you may want to have more than one game. Lay the cards out picture side down in a configuration of six rows with nine cards each. Play begins with one player turning over two cards in an attempt to find a match. If the cards match, that player keeps the cards and tries again. When no match is found, play continues with the player to the left. The player with the most matches wins.