Framed Wedding Invitation Ideas

Preserving your wedding memories is an important part of any wedding event. It allows you to remember and relive the excitement of this most important day. One of the most important things to preserve is your wedding invitation. When framed, the invitation can become an important piece of art for your living space as well as a memory to cherish.

Encased in Class

A unique way to frame your wedding invitation is to encase it in stained glass. A stain glass frame allows you to "drop" your invitation in the window while providing additional visual impact for the piece. Shown here, this frame from has room for additional mementos such as flowers in the shadow box like frame that is surrounded by the stained glass design.

One Stroke Painting

An important part of framing your invitation can be the mat that surrounds it. Take advantage of this space with a little one stroke painting. You will be able to incorporate the look and feel of the flowers carried at the ceremony while giving your invitation a more visual impact. Frame the piece in a color that matches the color of the writing on your invite to finish the project.

The More the Merrier

Try adding additional items to your invitation to give your project more life. Include photos of the wedding itself as well as a memento or two. Matchbooks or pressed flowers will fit into a frame easily. If you scrapbook, create a page that includes the invitation, lace or ribbons the colors of the wedding, flowers, photos and other items. Frame the page rather than place it in an album.