Fastest Way to Stop Bleeding From a Razor Cut

by Kimberly Caines ; Updated September 28, 2017

Seal your cuts with a styptic pencil instead of covering them up.

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Razor cuts can surprise you. One moment you are shaving your legs or face and the next you see blood gushing down your skin. The cut doesn't seem like it will stop bleeding anytime soon. Instead of continuing your shaving routine, you are now battling blood drops and trying to keep them from staining the floor or your clothes. Improper shaving technique and the use of dull blades can be to blame for your newly-obtained cut. Using a styptic pencil is one of the quickest ways to stop bleeding from razor cuts.

Dab the cut with a wet washcloth to get rid of any blood that may be covering it.

Dip your styptic pencil in water and dab it over your razor cut. Expect to feel a stinging sensation. The aluminum sulfate in the pencil contracts the blood vessels and stops the bleeding. The cut is sealed so no dirt and debris can enter it and cause infections.

Rinse your styptic pencil with water after each use and let it air dry.


  • Use a clean, sharp blade each time you shave to avoid cuts and nicks.

    Shave right after coming out of the shower because your hair and skin are soft and easier to manage.

    You can purchase a styptic pencil from online retailers or find it in the shaving aisle of your local drug store.

    Keep your styptic pencil out of reach of children.

    If the bleeding won't stop, discontinue the use of the styptic pencil and contact your doctor.

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