Fabrics & Patterns for Making a Custom Bikini


0:00 JENNIFER CROW: Hi, this is Jennifer and I'm the owner of wedgiewear.com, and we're here

0:03 with Expert Village. The next part that you want to talk about then is once you get your

0:08 pattern is to actually cut it out into your actual design. Your pattern that you've drawn

0:14 out on the fabric that you like, again it needs to be a stretch material that stretches

0:20 two or four ways, just depending on how you like it, and just put your pattern down. You

0:27 can do this a lot by using pins to secure it down, or once you've been doing it a while,

0:35 you can just basically cut over the top of it. So you just want to start, and again,

0:44 you don't have to follow the line precisely. You do want make it a little bit larger. It's

0:48 going to look like this. And that's the triangle top from the pattern that we just saw.