How to Encourage Your Husband When He Is Unemployed

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If your husband has recently lost his job, encouraging him may be a daunting task. You may feel at a loss as to what to say to him, all while having to balance the household demands that must be done with only one income. However, the words you say can give him the boost he needs to stay focused. There are a few steps you can take to give your husband the healthy perspective he needs while he is unemployed.

Step 1

Recognize your husband's unemployment as temporary. According to Roberta Caponey for Focus on the Family, it is essential that you and your husband keep a healthy perspective when it comes to his unemployment. While losing a job is difficult, being focused and deliberate about finding a new job is a way to keep your mind clear and avoid being overwhelmed. Being able to look ahead instead of focusing on the present situation will help encourage the two of you on your journey to find work.

Step 2

Manage the family finances wisely. Since you have lost money you need to run your household, you must learn how to organize and budget your money in the most efficient way in order to salvage your resources. Daphne Mallory, writing for the Work at Home Moms website, emphasizes this step as a way to demonstrate respect toward your husband and show that you are willing to make the appropriate sacrifices during this difficult time. Avoid taking out new lines of credit, and learn creative ways to stretch your dollar, such as using coupons or shopping at secondhand clothing stores.

Step 3

Encourage without taking control. Your husband needs to feel like you are on his side, not like you are trying to be in charge of everything he does. Encourage him through your words, and uplift him through your actions, but do not try to find a job for him. Instead, be there for him when he finds a lead, and encourage him to go after it. Stephen Viscusi, writing for The Ladders website, warns against becoming a career coach and instead suggests helping your husband set realistic goals and being supportive no matter what.

Step 4

Seek support. Receiving help from family and friends will encourage you and your husband during this transitional phase in your life. Let people know the situation you are in; do not try to cover up your reality for fear of rejection or ridicule. Accept any help that you are offered, and be grateful for those who are there for you in your time of need. You may also look into unemployment benefits if you are struggling to support your family.