Easy Potluck Meal Ideas

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A potluck is a community meal where each guest brings a dish to share. When preparing for a potluck, consider meals that most people commonly enjoy, without too many odd or allergenic ingredients. Make sure the meal will travel well if you are headed out of town for your potluck.


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Appetizers are a fast, easy potluck dish, and everyone loves something small to nibble on. A simple idea would be a party platter. Several types of cheese, meat, crackers, nuts and olives will be easy to throw together for your next potluck. Other ideas for hors d'oeuvres include veggie platters with raw veggies and several dipping sauces, or hummus with pieces of pita bread. Deviled eggs are a classic potluck starter as well.


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Salads are an easy addition to any potluck. A big Caesar salad is sure to please friends and family. A tangy salad with basil leaves, tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella lends some Italian flavor to a potluck. Chicken or tuna salad with crusty bread or on crackers is a sure hit.


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Everyone loves pasta, and a big bowl of noodles will travel well and satisfy adults and children. Make pasta with Alfredo sauce, marinara sauce, or toss with garlic, olive oil and Parmesan. Skewers are another pleasing potluck option. Marinate and grill chicken or shrimp on skewers with bell peppers, onions or pineapple for something different and simple. A plate of grilled panini sandwiches is another option. Layer mozzarella cheese with basil and tomatoes and grill using a sandwich maker or griddle.


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Make a fruit platter complete with fudge dipping sauce and small cubes of pound cake. Use a boxed brownie mix to make brownies, and add a homemade touch by frosting them. Another idea that kids will enjoy is a cookie platter. Purchase different flavors of cookies from your local bakery and arrange them on a pretty tray. Cupcakes are another option that will travel well and be easy to make and serve.