Directions for Using Smooth Away

by D. Laverne O'Neal ; Updated September 28, 2017

Smooth Away is marketed as a pain-free alternative to shaving, tweezing or waxing.

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Many women go to great trouble and expense to keep as much hair as possible on their heads. A long, luxurious mane is considered sexually attractive in many cultures. But in Western culture especially, body hair -- on legs, arms, upper lip, chin and underarms -- is taken to be less than feminine. Some women prefer to lessen or eliminate hair in the pubic region as well. Smooth Away, "a pad covered with superfine crystals," according to maker IdeaVillage Products Inc., is intended to remove unwanted hair without pain or harsh chemicals. In addition, IdeaVillage claims it exfoliates skin.

Insert your hand into the strap of the Smooth Away mitt. If you are using the facial hair product, insert your finger into the strap.

Rub the mitt against your skin, using a circular motion.

Lift the pad to see if all hair has been removed. If not, continue buffing that area.

Move the pad to the neighboring hairy region and repeat the buffing and checking process.

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