The Best Dinner for a Mother's Birthday

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Moms work hard every day of the year, and they deserve something special when birthday time rolls around. Many children like to create a special meal on their mother's birthday but are at a loss as to how to go about it. If you are planning a special meal for your mom, be sure to listen to any hints she is providing, and consider her favorite dishes. She'll end up with a tasty and stress-free birthday dinner and a group of proud kids with a sense of accomplishment.

Dinner with Mom's Favorite Foods

It's mom's special day, so let her have the choice of what's for dinner. Even if her favorite meal is something no one else in the family likes, fix this one meal to make her happy. Find out mom's favorite appetizer, main dish and dessert and plan to make all three dishes.

Dinner Everyone Makes

The whole family's effort at pitching in is a big part of the gift of a birthday dinner. Choose dishes that each kid can make, or break the cooking chores down into easier and more difficult tasks. Three-year-olds can put frozen biscuits on a pan or tear lettuce for salad. Have school-age children handle mixing, decorating and setting the table with plates, utensils and any necessary condiments such as butter, ketchup and creamy salad dressing. Let the older kids and dad stick with sharp knife and hot oven-related tasks.

Dinner That's Simple to Make

You may want to make the fanciest gourmet dinner in the world for your mom, but if you're not an experienced cook you may have trouble making difficult dishes. Find simple versions of every dish mom likes and stick to easy recipes and preparation methods. Use canned or frozen biscuits instead of making them by hand. Cook stew in a slow cooker instead of simmering it on the stove. Buy a frozen pie instead of making one from scratch. As long as the flavors are similar, your dinner will be a success.

Dinner That Doesn't Leave a Mess

Dinner might be over, but your work is not done. Make your final gift on your mom's birthday a clean and shining kitchen. Little ones can carry dirty dishes to counters, older kids can scrape plates and sweep floors and the oldest can wipe counters and wash dishes. Put all the leftovers away in sealed containers and place them in the refrigerator. Scrub all the pots and pans instead of leaving them to soak. Give the sink a final wipe-down and turn out the lights.